Characteristics of L from Death Note You May Not Have Known

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are the creators of the manga series Death Note. The plot centers on Light Yagami, a young man who finds the Death Note, a paranormal journal that he can use to kill people by writing their names in.

One of the most well-known characters of the Death Note franchise is L, Light’s adversary, despite the fact that the manga has been turned into a number of anime series and motion pictures. We’ll talk about some of the lesser-known facts about L’s character in this blog post that you might not have learned if you only read the manga or saw the anime.

1. L’s Age, Weight, and Height
Death Note: How to Read unveiled a lot of the characters’ previously undiscovered traits. Fans might find it entertaining to learn some of these details, such as the characters’ birth dates, even though they are unimportant to the plot. L was born on October 31, 1979. He was born on Halloween, which may explain why he enjoys sweets so much.

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L’s height and weight were also two details about him that were made public. L is five feet and eight inches tall, despite the fact that he frequently slouches and makes it appear otherwise. L barely weighs 110 lbs. despite consuming bad foods on a consistent basis.

2. The Meaning Behind L’s Nickname
L requests that the NPA refer to him as Ryuzaki when he presents himself to them in order to further conceal his identity. He is referred to as both “L” and “Ryuzaki” throughout the entire series. So how did he come by this moniker? In reality, Ryuzaki was given the name by a different youngster at Wammy’s House, the institution that cares for bright youngsters and for Near and Mello, L’s successors.

A young boy named B became fixated on beating L and finally started committing crimes in an effort to trick him. FBI agent Naomi Misora collaborates with L on this investigation, which is briefly discussed in both the 13th book and the Los Angeles BB Murder Case book, in an effort to find a solution. When working on the Kira investigation, L later takes the name Ryuzaki after meeting a man who goes by that name.

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3. The Big Detective Conflict
The story reveals the presence of two further master investigators by the names of Eraldo Coil and Deneuve. After L, of course, they are the second and third-best detectives, respectively. However, it is discovered that these are actually several aliases of L that he employs to deceive individuals who are seeking to identify him after the Yotsuba Corporation receives a Death Note and enlists the assistance of Eraldo Coil.

Although this is a cunning trick, it is subsequently revealed in the books that Eraldo Coil and Deneuve were real investigators who L defeated in a detective battle to obtain their identities. There isn’t much information about this conflict, but it sure would make a fantastic follow-up story!

4. Initially, Near and Mello were supposed to be L’s children.
L was succeeded by Near and Mello after his passing. Although they were rivals who spent most of the manga living at Wammy’s House together, they set their differences aside and realized that they could only defeat Kira by banding together, with Mello giving his life to enable Near to solve the case. The two of them were supposed to be L’s sons, though. This would have resulted in a very different plot and the introduction of many intriguing new elements that broadened the realm.

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Here are a few tidbits about the Death Note manga character L in the hopes that they’ll pique your interest. Also, remember to buy comfortably at the Ahegao boutique to acquire the newest items.

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